I shoot to capture real, genuine moments — whether sweet and tender or playful and messy.

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I don’t do elaborate poses. I don’t have props. I do snuggles and kisses and that thing where you smell the top of her little head and let out a big sigh — in the comfort of your own home. Does your house need to be clean? No. Do you need to get dressed and brush your hair? Maybe. But we’ll figure that all out while keeping it as simple as possible. 


As a mother of two young boys, I know first-hand the trials and tribulations of family picture day. My method is to let the littles run free. We’ll spin and jump and tickle. And we’ll capture true smiles instead of the forced version for the strange lady behind the camera. I’ll try to get those one or two classic portraits for the holiday card, if so desired. But our focus will be on fun and connections. 


I’m so honored to see many of my return client-kiddos grow and to document their big milestones. I also love to spend a little time one-on-one with each child during family sessions catching some close-ups with personality.


Don’t you just love LOVE? Whether you’re all new and giddy and heart eyes — or tried-and-true and ... heart eyes — we’ll use casual poses and authentic moments to freeze a snippet of this time in your life together. 


We’ll pick a favorite location, embrace that beautiful golden hour light and spend some time loosening up and letting your personality shine. Unfortunately, I might tell some bad jokes. But fortunately, there won’t be any audio when you receive your gallery of polished photos. 


Have something else you’d like photographed? A product, a pet, a place, a party? Just ask, and I can probably do that too.